how to start eating healthy

Eating is really complicated topic. People usually eat really fast, especially in the morning. Sometimes we are going to work without eating anything, we drink only coffee. It is not healthy. This is only one habit.

What about other meals?

We usually eat something outside but irregularly. And suddenly the time comes that we do not feel well, we sleep badly and our body is not the same as half year later. Some people will ignore that but others will consider that and ask themselves how to start eating healthy. It is not easy step to start but really important. We have to start well to continue that. If we do not want to give up, we have to find good way to start. It is not good to change all habits and reject everything from our diet. It is better to start smoothly and choose one habit or two and change that. At the beginning we have a lot of energy and motivation but we can waste this determination.

We can start with limit sweets and salty snacks. It can be hard but it is really good for beginning. We can also add other habit: more water. No sweets and snacks with more water form a good set to start eating healthy.

Eating healthy – how to start

Sweets are really unhealthy for us. They contain sugar and glucose-fructose syrup. Second is currently considered one of the main culprits in the epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Manufacturers are happy to use it not only for the production of sweets, but also for juices, cereals, yogurt and many others. It is really important to read the product composition. Sweets also contains hardened vegetable fat that couse fat deposit. This kind of fat affects serious heart disease. So eating healthy has big impact for our body and health. Thanks to healthy eating we can look better and feel better.

Avoiding sweets and snacks is not easy, especially when we eat that every day. We can start with eating once a week. It is not recomended to avoid sweets completely. It would be to brutal to resign from sweets at all. It is better for our motivation to change our habits gradually. When we will keep our motivation we can add other new habit to implement or change one bad habit. For example sleeping. It is really important to sleep 6 or 7 hours. Why sleeping and eating are connected? We should start with a question: why we sleep not long enough? It is connected with work – we work to much, we have a lot of responsibilities every day, a long list of to-do’s. Thanks to sleeping we can keep our body in a good shape. Thats why whe should not eat heavy food. It effects bad sleeping and lack of relaxing for our body and brain and also muscles.

Sleeping is really important for our look. Every model know that sleep and beauty are connected. We recommended at the first time that we should sleep 6 or 7 hours, but it would be perfect to sleep eight hours. It is also possible to have nice dreams. Other tip to start eating healty is finding good replacement of unhealthy food with tasty, homemade food. For example we can do our own nutella and peanut butter or bread and baked rolls. It is good way to avoid sweets. There is other tip which we can implement to make our healthier diet effective. It is not like that we can eat healthy food without limits. Nibble can have as bad effect as eating unhealthy food. We should still remember about smaller portions. For example: in the past we ate 1 spoon of nutella. Now I have my own nutella, healthier and I can eat 5 spoons – no, we can not, because it is still heavy for us.

Healthy eating is not a Mount Everest. It seems difficult, but it is really possible to do. Other thing which is really important is regular eating hours. We should try eating more dishes but smaller and at the same time. Breakfast is really important. Is is better not to avoid this meal. After breakfast we should eat second breakfst. Dinner should be eaten between 12 and 14 or 15 not later. It is not healthy to eat dinner when there is a time for supper. In the afternoon it is good to eat something light and it is over. Before sleep we should not eat – 3 hours before going to sleep is enough.


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