A Sense of the Resurrection – an Easter Experience for Families

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This Easter, why not go beyond Easter bunnies, egg hunts and dressy outfits and give your children a Sense of the Resurrection? Why not let them glimpse the power that brought Jesus back to life?

It’s often said that while Christmas may be the most widely celebrated holiday in the Christian faith, that Easter is actually the most important. Why? Because without the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – when He rose from the grave to conquer sin and death forever – the birth of a baby in a manger means nothing.

This year, you can lead your family in an Easter experience they’ll never forget.

A Sense of the Resurrection is an Easter experience for families that uses 12 fun, hands-on, simple, yet meaningful activities and the five senses to help your children come face to face with the Easter story.

You and your children will make memories as you explore this age old, powerful story with your five sense.

It’s only March 30, which means you can purchase the ebook today for just $9.99, start your experience in the next couple of days and still finish just in time for Easter, April 16th.

This awesome experience is brought to you by the same author of Truth in the Tinsel.




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