savvy shopper's guide

If you’re hanging out here at Simple Saving Savvy, then you’re most likely looking to save some money. Maybe a little, maybe alot. Whichever category you fall under, the key to savings and wise spending is knowing how and when to buy.

We cover the “how” in our daily postings as well as in the valuable information you’ll find in my Learn to Coupon series. This guide will cover the “when“.

The Savvy Shopper’s Guide is a month by month manual to help you determine what time of the year is the best time to buy the things you need. It’s intended to help you save the most money!

Throughout the year, stores offer fairly regular sales on specific items, centered around special events, seasons and holidays. During these sales, stores will offer rock bottom prices on categories of items to get you in the store (think Super Bowl, spring cleaning, earth day, back to school, etc.). These items are called “loss leaders.”

Knowing your loss leaders as well as what to look for on clearance will help you know what price to buy at, which coupons to look for and when to use them, as well as what to stock up on for next year.

For example, I buy my Christmas wrapping supplies AFTER Christmas. I know that these items will be on clearance for as much as 90% off. So I wait until then to buy wrapping paper, bows and name tags. Then I buy as much as I’ll need for the next year or two. I never pay full price for these things and I am able to buy higher quality for a steal.

When school supplies are at rock bottom prices in August, I buy extra according to what my budget will allow. This way I have a supply of mechanical pencils and notebook paper in the closet instead of having to buy more halfway through the year at a much higher price. This is also the perfect time to stock up on sharpies.

The same principles apply to food and household items. November and December are great months to stock your pantry with baking supplies to see you through the rest of the year. June, July and August are the months to stock up on condiments, charcoal and other picnic items. January, February and March are great for finding cleaning supplies at low prices since the focus is on purging, getting organized and  spring cleaning.

Manufacturers also have designated times during the year when they market the new version of specific products. Right before the new comes in, retailers often drastically mark down the old. Knowing this information can save you quite a bit on big purchases like vacuum cleaners, law mowers, digital cameras, etc.

And this brings us back to the Savvy Shopper’s Guide. From January through December, this your basic go-to list of monthly loss leaders, clearance items and mark downs, as well as in season produce.

Look for the print option at the bottom of every month’s list. You’ll be able to print your own Savvy Shopper’s Guide to have at your fingertips. Print Friendly and PDF