Recycle & Save With Homemade Pot Scrubbers

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homemade pot scrubbersI cringe at the thought of those store bought non-abrasive plastic pot scrubbers. Why? Mainly because of all the muck that gets stuck in them and doesn’t want to rinse out. Gross! And then they get thrown in the trash, and I think of all the plastic pot scrubbers that probably get thrown in the trash each year….and then I think of how much money I’m wasting…even if it is only $0.50 a pop…still…it’s the principle people!

So I make my own and you can too! Here’s how….

Step 1: Save the netting from bags of produce, the stiff plastic kind, not the mesh kind.

produce nettingStep 2: You’ll need rubber bands. The ones used to hold bunches of produce together work great!

produce rubber bandsStep 3: Wind the plastic netting into an approx. 3″ coil and tie off with the rubber band.

homemade pot scrubber sampleVOILA! It works great, even on your no-stick pan. And the bonus is that when it gets yucky, you can unwind it, rinse it out, sanitize it, coil it back up and go again!

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  • Stephanie February 23, 2012, 11:20 am

    Love it!

  • Nicci February 23, 2012, 12:45 pm

    My grandma is a seamstress, so she always has scrap fabric around. She makes dishcloths out of lace scraps. She takes two pieces of lace, approximately washcloth size or a little smaller, and stitches them together. You wouldn’t think lace would make a good scrubber, but I guess it has just enough texture, and it’s not abrasive. These work amazingly well.