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Now that you’ve decided how to organize your coupons, you need to start building your inventory of coupons. The following list of resources will give you a place to start.


Insert Coupons
Insert coupons are the coupons that are “inserted” inside the Sunday edition of many newspapers. They are mainly published by SmartSource, Vlassis (Redplum) and Proctor & Gamble. Sometimes a specific manufacturer like Kraft Foods will publish a special coupon insert for their products.


There is usually at least one SmartSource and one Redplum insert each Sunday (excluding major holiday weekends).  P&G brandSavers (Proctor & Gamble)  are  published 1-2 times per month. Other than internet printable coupons, insert coupons are the largest source for obtaining coupons.


Printable Internet Coupon Sites
There are several websites that offer printable coupons. You’ll want to check out:


Coupon Network


If you’re an organic shopper or have specific dietary needs, you should check out these sites as well:


Mambo Sprouts


These sites offer coupons for a variety of products from various manufacturers on a monthly basis. You can expect a big coupon update at the first of every month and new coupons to be added sporadically throughout the month.


Coupons stay up all month or according to the specific manufacturers print limits. Two of each coupon can be printed per computer.


Manufacturer Websites
Many manufacturers offer coupons through their websites as a regular feature or during special promotions. Some also make monthly emailed newsletters available which may feature one or more printable coupons.


Basic personal information is required when registering for emailed newsletters.  I suggest that you set up a separate email for couponing so that your regular inbox does not become overloaded with these offers.


Retail Websites
Many retailers, like CVS, Walgreens, Target and Homeland to name a few, offer printable coupons on their website. These coupons are a mix of store specific coupons and manufacturer coupons.


CVS and Homeland use to power their coupon page so the manufacturer coupons are the same that you will find at and the print limits carry over. In other words, if you print two honey nut cheerios coupons from, you will not be able to print the same coupons from the Homeland website.

All You Magazine
All You Magazine is available only at Walmart ($2.49) or by subscription (as low as $1.00). It is full of valuable coupons. Sometimes the newsstand issue contains coupons not found in subscription copies. also features exclusive printable coupons.

These are coupons that manufacturers attach directly to their product and you peel off at the time of use. Sometimes it may involve buying another product as well to receive the savings.

Catalinas are produced by Catalina Marketing, a company who connects manufacturers with vendors to bring the customer more savings.

These coupons  print from small printers located by the register at stores like Homeland and Walgreens and are triggered by specific product purchases or by a promotion.  Sometimes they are coupons for specific products and sometimes they are for $x off your next order.

These coupons are manufacturer coupons but are only valid at the store where they printed.** You may not stack these coupons with other manufacturer coupons.

**Walmart accepts catalina coupons from other stores.

Tear Pads
These are booklets of coupons attached to special store displays or shelving.

Product Packaging
Occasionally manufacturers offer coupons as part of their product packaging. These coupons are usually found on the back of the box/carton or on the inside. Always check before throwing out an empty box.

Mail Offers
Sometimes manufacturers make coupons available by mail through Internet offers. Proctor & Gamble does this through their monthly Home Made Simple coupon booklet as well as on their site, P&G Everyday Solutions. Also, some stores (i.e. CVS, Homeland and Target) will occasionally send store specific coupons for various products through the mail if you are on their mailing list.

Free Samples
Many manufacturers offer free samples through on-line promotions. These samples arrive in the mail and many times are accompanied by a coupon. Again, I suggest setting up a separate email account to sign up for these and other online offers.

Email Manufacturers
A great way to get coupons for products you love is by emailing the company. Just let them know how much you love their products (no need to ask for coupons). You’ll be surprised what you receive.

Did I miss any common places to find coupons? Where do you find coupons?