Do you have a system to organize recycling?

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Confession: I haven’t been very dedicated to recycling.

I’m really good about setting aside all my newspapers. I also keep a paper bag by my desk for disposing of coupon inserts, junk mail, etc. Then I take it to the dumpster at our school or the local fire department.

I’m really good about giving away items I don’t want or need rather than throwing them away.

And I even cut apart old tshirts and pajama bottoms that aren’t in good condition and use them as cleaning or dusting rags.

But when it comes to regular trash, I’m horrible. Why? Because I don’t have a system to organize recycling.  I’m not being intentional.

When we set up our trash pickup in this house, we didn’t request a recycle bin. I don’t even know if they offer it since we’re in the county? I need to stop procrastinating and call them.

If they don’t offer recycle bins? Then I need to put together a system that will allow me to recycle myself…one that I will actually use.

I really enjoyed this article which features lots of different ways to set up recycle stations both inside and outside. My favorite ideas are the stackable bins, the tote bags and the matching waste cans. All labeled and neat as a pin of course.

I’ll let you know what I come up with. How do you organize your recycling?

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