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I’m so excited to share my DIY Simple Household Planner with you! Over the years I’ve tried lots of different household and life planners, but none of them worked perfectly for me.

They were either too elaborate – taking more time than they saved, or the layout didn’t jive with the way my brain works.

Most were too small, not offering enough room to schedule or organize my family of seven. Or they included way more details than I cared to track.

And the cost? Ouch! A great planner can cost big bucks – anywhere from $30 – $60. Per year. Yikes!

So a couple years ago, I started experimenting with building my own planner. I jotted down ideas, created my own templates, made lists and prioritized.

After much trial and error, I’ve come up with a SIMPLE system that works for me and it just might work for you too!

It’s not fancy or elaborate. My planner is just plain and SIMPLE. Exactly what a busy mom like me needs.

The price is right too! Initially, my Simple Household Planner cost about $20 to set up, not counting the cost of printable planning sheets, and could be less if you choose to use a free printable calendar or reuse materials you already have on hand.

Another pro to making your own planner is that you’re not locked into it if it doesn’t work. It’s as simple as removing or creating a category or adding a different printable.

And the best part of all? Because I truly love my simple planning system, I want to share it with you! For a limited time, when you subscribe to my weekly newsletter, you can download all my printable planning pages for FREE plus 2 different cover designs!

Use them all or just the ones you need. It’s up to you!

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe right now so you can grab your FREE printables and start building your own simple household planner.

How to Make Your Own Simple Household Planner

Putting together your own simple household planner is easy and frugal!

What You’ll Need:

  • 1-inch binder with pockets – $5 – $8 (less if you plan ahead and buy it during BTS sales!)
  • plastic pocket write-on tabbed dividers – $5
  • double-page monthly calendar – $10 if you buy it or find a FREE printable!
  • Yearly Goals printable planning page
  • Monthly Goals printable planning page
  • The Big List printable page
  • Week at a Glance 2-page printable planning page OR
  • Week at a Glance 1-page printable plus Daily Planner printable planning page
  • Meal Planning printable planning page (choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Shopping List printable page (optional)
  • Family Favorites printable page (optional)

How to Put it Together:

All the planning pages fit perfectly in a 1-inch binder and are organized with plastic pocket write-on tabbed dividers (just like I use in my coupon binder).

I used the single pocket dividers but you can buy dividers with pockets on front and back if you want to increase your storage capacity. I also recycled dividers from other projects can use my favorite label maker to create the categories. They look good as new!

The categories I use for my simple household planner are: Yearly (goals), Monthly (goals), The Big List, Weekly, Daily, Menus, Kids and Important. Pretty simple, huh? I like to keep things that way. 😉

Your categories may be similar but you’ll want to customize them to fit your life and needs. In what areas of life do you need help staying organized? Make those areas your categories.

Note: I like to keep my system super streamlined and simple. I keep other items like important phone numbers, take out menus, babysitter information, business cards, etc in my home directory (I’ll write a post about this soon!).


The first section in my household binder is the family calendar. I like a two-page, monthly calendar with room for notes and to do items for that month.

I purchase mine on Amazon because I like the tabbed months and I don’t like trying to figure out the whole front to back printing thing, but if  you’d prefer, there are lots of calendar options on line that you can download and print for FREE!

Organization Tip: Assign each family member a color and use colored ultra fine sharpies or fine tip gel pens to jot down appointments and activities for each person in their specific color. This will help you see at a glance how many different directions you are going that day, which also helps you determine when you need to stop scheduling. You can also use colored washi tape for this purpose.

Yearly and Monthly Goals

The next two sections include two new printable planning worksheets that I added to my simple household planner just this year- the Yearly and Monthly goals worksheets.

With my kids running in different directions and me trying to keep up, I sometimes lose site of self care and living with intention. I created these worksheets to help me focus on those things that are important alongside caring for my family.

There are a couple of different formats for those in different stages of life. I hope you find these useful too!

The Big List

This, a.k.a. “the brain dump” is one of my favorite sections. You know all those thoughts that rapid machine gun fire through your mind all day?

The chores, errands, tasks, ideas, projects, desires, don’t forgets, Pinterest projects?

This is the place you put those so you can move on with your day and come back to them later.

Weekly and Daily Planning

Next comes the Week at a Glance worksheet. This is where I plan my entire week. I categorize my tasks from highest to lowest priority, jot down my menu plan for quick reference, add in my action plan for working toward my goals and note household chores that need to be accomplished.

Just added to the planner is a week at a glance worksheet that follows the same format as the yearly and monthly goals sheet to help you stay on top.

Now we come to the Daily Planner. I complete this worksheet, usually the night before, by pulling information from the Family Calendar and Week at a Glance page and adding in any last minute items.

New this year is a space where you can plan your personal daily schedule in blocks of time. I have found that when I assign time frames to my tasks, it increases productivity. I’m always careful to give myself margins for refreshment and the unexpected.

Also new this year, is a 2-page weekly/daily planning page where you can plan out every day of the week, along with tracking your personal goals all in one place.

Menu Planning

And last, we come to the Menu Planning section. Right now I’m using the 1-week version, but I switch it up from time to time with the 2-Week Menu Planner and the Monthly Menu Planner.

Sometimes I use both the monthly and a weekly. I’ll jot down all the possible meals I could make during the month with groceries I have on hand and this helps me plan better week by week and spend less at the store.

A Few More Details

I’ve also created a Family Favorites printable where you can keep track of your family’s favorite meals and a Shopping List to keep you organized at the grocery store.

The last two sections of my planner are labeled Kids and Important.

The Kids category is where I keep a copy of this year’s school calendar, their student ID numbers, copies of sports schedules and physicals – and any other paperwork I don’t want to lose.

The Important section is for items I need to keep close at hand for easy access or things related to tasks I am completing.

As a busy mom, I have to keep quite a few plates spinning at once. The more I have written down, the less likely one of those plates crashes to the ground.  I really don’t know what my life would be like without my simple household planner.

Tips for Creating Your Own Household Management Binder

Remember, what works for me, may not work for you. Then again, it just might. The key to success is knowing yourself and implementing a system that you will actually use.

Brainstorm what areas of your home and life you need help organizing and maintaining.

Think about how simple/complex your system should be (some people need streamlined, some thrive on minute details).

Don’t like my printables? There are lots of FREE printable forms available for you to create your own unique, one-of-a-kind binder. Just do a google search or look on Pinterest.

The sky is the limit. I’ve kept my binder very simple, but you can go all out if you want. Add in whatever will make your life easier!

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