DIY Burlap and Ribbon Placemat

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Many associate burlap with the cooler seasons of Fall and Winter, but it’s also making statements in Spring and Summer decor. Take for example, this DIY Burlap and Ribbon Placemat. The earthy canvas gains new life when laced with iridescent ribbon in a fresh spring hue.

Burlap. Over the past few years, what was once humble, country decor has turned sophisticated chic. Not only do you see burlap on lampshades, wreaths, pillows, placemats, chargers and as table runners, but it’s also the go to complement in many weddings.

I think burlap has gained popularity not only for it’s neutral color which can anchor any color scheme, but also for its fun texture. Burlap is also relatively inexpensive and easy to work with, making it popular for the novice and frugal-minded.

Which brings me back to this DIY Burlap and Ribbon Placemat. It’s charming, frugal and super easy to make!

How To Make a DIY Burlap & Ribbon Placemat


 roll of burlap or burlap by the yard

 scissors

 ribbon

 sewing machine, needle, and thread


Roll of Burlap

  • Begin by rolling out the burlap and cutting it to size.  I like the roll of burlap versus by the yard because it
    is already cut to the right width.  Determine how large you want your placemats and cut the burlap into rectangles.

Sew edges of burlap and ribbon placemat

Next you will sew around the edge of your burlap.  This will allow you to fray the edges but will create a clean stopping point.  I came in about 1″ from the edge on all sides.  If you use thread approximately the same color as the burlap it will not be seen.

Fray the edges of burlap and ribbon placemat

Once the edges are sewn begin pulling the horizontal and vertical pieces of burlap thread out until the edges are frayed back to your stitch.

mark burlap placemat in one inch increments

Once the edges have been frayed you will fold one edge up about 2″.  You will then mark the burlap at 1″ increments.  This will be where you will cut to feed the ribbon through.

Cut at each mark creating a slit just large enough for your ribbon to slip through.  Repeat with remaining sides.

burlap and ribbon placemat

Cut ribbon into four pieces the length of each side of the burlap placemat plus 4-5 inches extra. Next, feed a piece of  the ribbon through the openings you’ve made.  The ribbon will create a basket weave look with the burlap.

burlap and ribbon placemat

Feed pieces of ribbon through each side.  Make sure that the ribbon comes out of the top of your placemat at 2 matching corners and to the under side at the other 2 corners.

You’ll then tie a bow on the top of the corners opposite each other and a simple knot in the ribbon on the backside of the placemat at the opposite end.

burlap and ribbon placemat

Your placemat is finished and ready to use!  It will be a great addition to your table setting and when Spring is done and Summer has moved on, you can lace up your burlap with a jewel-toned ribbon and anchor a fall flower to the corners instead of tying a bow.

Change the ribbon to match your decor or fit any holiday throughout the year!

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  • Christine Gallagher March 30, 2015, 5:38 am

    This is too cute I love how much more the ribbon adds to the project, great job

    • Amanda April 15, 2015, 1:54 pm

      Thanks Chrisy!