Claim Ibotta Earnings Without Uploading Receipts or Scanning Barcodes

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Ibotta Piggly Wiggly

Do you love Ibotta? Can you imagine how much more you would love it if you could claim Ibotta earnings WITHOUT having to upload receipts or scan barcodes?
Well, that could happen sooner than you think!
Starting this Thursday, at Piggly Wiggly stores in the Midwest, you will not need to take a picture of your receipt or barcode scan products. You’ll be able to claim Ibotta rebates simply by checking out with your loyalty card. These changes will take effect in Wisconsin and Illinois stores.
See how it works:

“What about my favorite store?”

Wouldn’t you love it if Ibotta would be enabled in every store without receipts or barcode scans?
You can help make this happen.

Sign up for Ibotta now!

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