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Diamonds may want to just move on over. Bootler  is the new kid in town and may just become every woman’s new best friend.
Imagine yourself in these scenarios…
It’s been a looooong day and you’re exhausted. Making dinner is the last thing you feel like doing and you don’t know if you even have the energy to do so…what do you do? Call Bootler and have dinner delivered.
When you really need a date night, but paying for a babysitter on top of dinner is out of the budget…what do you do? Call Bootler and have dinner delivered.
When you signed up to bring a new mom dinner, but you work all day yourself…what do you do? Call Bootler and have dinner delivered.
When you have all your friends over to watch the big game and run out of food….what do you do? Call Bootler and have dinner delivered.
When you have an evening alone, and you just want some great food and good wine without having to go out…what do you do?Call Bootler and have dinner delivered.
See a pattern here?
What is Bootler?
Bootler is basically a third party search engine for delivery food. On their site, you can check out multiple delivery services and then choose restaurants, compare prices, availability and delivery time so that you make sure you’re getting what you want. It helps you save time and money!
Basically, as Kayak or Trivago is to booking flights and accommodations, Bootler is to ordering food to be delivered. You choose and order your food through Bootler, but your business is with the delivery service and restaurant.
You can find the food you crave, along with a nice glass of wine if you like at the time you need it and compare prices so you can stay within your budget.
For example, you can visit Bootler and check out Doc B’s Delivery  – see their menu, prices and delivery times and order if you like. Click here to see how the process works.
Currently, Bootler is based only out of Chicago (sad for those of us in other cities), but they are expanding to NY by the end of the year and have plans for more major cities soon after. So who knows, maybe this time next year, many, many Simple Saving Savvy readers will be enjoying Bootler services.
Until then, we’ll just be happy for our Chicago friends and their new best friend.
If you’re in Chicago or have friends in Chicago, be sure to check out this awesome delivery app! Follow Bootler on Facebook and Twitter for more information.

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