Coups For Troops

coups for troops

WAIT! Don’t throw those away! Save your expired coupons for military families stationed overseas.

When Stephanie, just your average SAHM, attended a coupon class, she learned that military families could use expired coupons overseas. Because coupons are not readily available to those military families serving overseas, commissaries accept expired manufacturer coupons up to 6 months past expiration.

Stephanie decided she wanted to get involved. She searched for a group to send her own expired coupons to, but found that the groups asked you to sort and tally your coupons or required a monetary donation. Stephanie started Coups For Troops to make donating your expired coupons easy and to get the word out about this effortless way to support our troops.

Rather than sending coupons to a military base or commissary, Coups for Troops prefers to send coupons directly to the soldiers and their families.  This ensures everyone gets a fair amount of quality coupons.  As of this summer (2011), Coupons for Troops sends coupons to close to 450 families spread out over ten countries.

How you can get involved.

**Visit THIS PAGE and find the satellite location nearest you to  mail your coupons.

**OR, you can choose to be matched with an overseas family and send your coupons directly to that family. This saves lots of time and creates more efficiency.

**Spread the word about Coups For Troops and our cause. We have ready-to-print flyers for you to post in your area. Think coffeehouses, libraries, community centers, churches. This is our flyer for bulletin boards.

**You can also host a collection box in your area. Use a box with a lid, cut a slit in the top, print one of our flyers, and post your box at one of the suggested places above. Collect the coupons about once a month, organize them, and send them to military families. Contact us if you would like to host a collection box.

**As long as there are soldiers protecting our freedom, there will be a need for care packages overseas. We support the efforts of Operation Gratitude, an organization that sends “100,000 care packages addressed to individually named U.S. Service Members deployed in hostile regions, to their children left behind and to Wounded Warriors recuperating in Transition Units.” Click here to view Operation Gratitude’s wishlist of items to donate.

Before you send coupons, read this page!


Please help us show our gratitude to these American families so far from home.