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I’m convinced there’s a Proverbs 31 woman living inside each one of us. But, she doesn’t necessarily look like the over-achieving, uber-productive, never sleeping, Pinterest queen we’ve built up in our minds.

At some point, we’ve all either felt pressured to be that woman, tried to be that woman or felt intimidated by that woman, and many of us have just given up.

It doesn’t have to be this way and it shouldn’t be this way. We need a little perspective….

A Proverbs 31 woman is simply this – a woman who manages HER home in the way that is best for HER family.

Stewardship : the conducting, supervising, or managing of something ; especially : the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.

More than being the perfect wife, mother, business woman and friend, I believe we are called to be women who are practicing wise stewardship in our own homes according to the needs of our own families.

The true P31 Woman carefully and responsibly manages the resources that have been entrusted to her care with the highest purpose of honoring God first.

And that’s the vision and purpose behind Simple Saving Savvy. This blog isn’t about telling you how to do everything my way. It’s simply my desire to provide you with resources, tips and tools to help you practice stewardship at home.

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