52 Week Savings Plan | 2 Ways to Save Over $1300

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I always say that the key to saving money is having a plan. Whether it’s a shopping plan, a menu plan, or a savings plan – saving money doesn’t happen all by itself.

On the heels of Christmas and the cusp of a new year, you may feel like you need a savings plan more than ever. Here’s a 52 Week Savings Plan that will help you save over $1300 this year without much effort on your part – other than self-discipline.

Beginning the first week in January, if you save just $1 and then each week throughout the year – 52 weeks in all – increase the amount you’re saving by just one more dollar, you will save $1, 378 by the end of the year.

52 Week Savings Plan

save $1300 by the end of the year

Click HERE to print the 52 Week Savings Plan A

Over $1300. That could be your Christmas shopping cash. Or money saved toward new appliances. Or a family vacation. Or a new car. Or books for the new college semester.

Now I realize not everyone’s brain works the same. There are some of you who might think that it would be easier to start with saving a larger amount the first week and decrease the amount saved by $1 each subsequent week so that it’s a little more effortless as the year flies by.

In your case, I’ve created a second chart just for you…

how to save $1300 this year

Click HERE to print the 52 Week Savings Plan B

Maybe the 52 week savings plan doesn’t work for you. Maybe it’s best for you to save a set amount each week or month and just do it. Maybe your budget won’t support saving more than $20-$30 each month.

However you choose to save, the most important thing is to set a goal, decide on a savings plan and stick to it. There’s something freeing about knowing that you’re achieving financial stability. Imagine not having to worry about how you’re going to pay for Christmas next year or that new washer and dryer!

What the most creative way you’ve ever saved money?

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